Travel website gives really terrible advice and tips for Palm Springs bachelorette parties

Michael Vincent Photography for Bride's Night Out, Inc. [CC BY 3.0 (]

Over the last decade or so, Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley have become a hot spot for bachelor and, even more so, for bachelorette parties. And of course it has! The desert is loaded with great pools, brunch spots, outdoor activities, and loads of solid photo opp locations – because why even have a girls weekend without it looking good on The ‘Gram. But, seeing as how most of the groups that come to the Palm Springs Area for bachelorette parties aren’t actually from the Coachella Valley, they may turn to the Internet for some advice and tips. Which is too bad, because the Internet can be so, so wrong.

Take for instance “How to Have the Best Palm Springs Bachelorette Party” – a blog post on the hotel booking site, You are probably familiar with posts on sites like these as they are usually not very informative and are written merely in hopes that the SEO gods push the website to the top of Google for terms like “bachelorette parties in Palm Springs” and someone books a room through them.

But some might take the advice seriously and, well…

Palm Springs is home to its fair share of retirees, but that doesn’t mean the city shuts down after dark. The downtown area is rife with cocktail lounges and bars, and there’s a free bus, the Buzz, to drive bar hoppers up and down the strip. Lulu California Bistro offers a 12-hour happy hour menu, cotton candy machine, and DJ sets. Toucan’s Tiki Lounge hosts regular drag queen performances and dancing. The Barracks Bar is a popular LGBT nightclub with an outdoor patio. Costas Nightclub (inside the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa) is open on weekends and has a chic lounge and a specialty cocktail with edible diamonds. (We’re pretty sure they invented the cocktail to appeal to bachelorettes.)

Okay, so outside of the city not shutting down after dark (it mostly does), the post starts out okay, the Buzz is a free way to get around and “rife” is a fun word to type, but from there it starts to go off the rails a bit.

I mean, Lulu is alright, but it would probably not be the top spot I would recommend for this particular type of trip to Palm Springs and, while bachelorette parties might seem to like being at Toucan’s, nobody else in the bar does.

Costa’s is a decent recommendation, if the bachelorettes are looking for a little peace and quiet and, wait, did they recommend The Barracks?

And while it’s easy to pick things apart, perhaps we, as a group, can come up with some better suggestions.  This whole thing is way out of my wheelhouse, so please weigh in the comments about your top choices for bachelorette parties in Palm Springs and, should the SEO gods push us to the top of Google, perhaps some ladies out there will get some decent advice.