Travel blog suggests snowbirds should party at the Palm Springs ACE hotel

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Expedia, a travel booking website that looks just like every other travel booking website, recently offered up their top 20 places for snowbirds to go the 2017 winter and, well I’ll be, sunny Palm Springs made the list.

Sunshine and palm trees await in this desert haven. No matter the season, it’s always the right time to order a cocktail and lounge on a chaise poolside in Palm Springs. However, the winter months are arguably the best time to visit as the desert heat eases up, leaving ideal temperatures perfect for all the best things to do in Palm Springs, like a stroll through the Palm Springs VillageFest and a hike on Andreas Canyon Trail.

Okay, so most of the true snowbirds just get wasted in the clubhouse of their gated community all day, but I guess that doesn’t sound all that great on a travel blog – though it doesn’t sound like Expedia really understands just who the snowbirds are:

Snowbirds love to: Stake a spot at the trendy Ace Hotel & Swim Club when a DJ’s on deck, and venture to nearby Desert Hot Springs for a pampering spa day—relaxation just hit new levels.

Ahh yes, who hasn’t been to the Ace when a DJ is spinning and the place is just overrun with snowbirds dancing and partying as far as the eye can see. Plus snowbirds usually have the nicest things to say about Desert Hot Springs, so a spa day there does make a lot of sense.

Riverside was also named on the list because, well, I honestly don’t know.

You can check out the entire list here.

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