Trail of Snacks, Lottery Tickets, and Nacho Cheese Lead to Arrest of Drunk Burglary Suspect

Cops in Iowa City did not have too difficult of a time arresting a burglary suspect on Friday night. All they had to do was follow the trail of junk food and look for the nacho cheese.

Officers were called to the Creekside Market about 11:20 p.m. after a report of a burglary. They did not have to look very hard for their suspect, via ABC 9:

Responding officers discovered 20-year-old Francisco J. Munoz about 100 yards from the convenience store carrying two cases of Corona beer.

Police said Munoz’ shirt was covered in nacho cheese and there was a trail of snack foods and lottery tickets between him and the store. Munoz had bloodshot, watery eyes and showed other signs of intoxication, police said. A post-arrest breath test showed Munoz had a blood alcohol content of .270 percent.

He was arrested and now faces charges of third-degree burglary, second-degree criminal mischief and public intoxication.

Nacho Burglary