Topgolf, a cool bar / restaurant / driving range thing, has been thriving in other cities around the country but has yet to open a location in the Coachella Valley. But, according to some recent comments from a Topgolf executive, that could change soon.

“Our interest level is certainly higher than before; the more we explore [the Coachella Valley market], — the more we learn, the more we see it — the more we like it,” Zach Shor, COO of Topgolf International, told Palm Springs Life. “We’re still getting our arms around exactly where in the valley we would want to go, where along Interstate 10 we are really looking so we can maximize our reach.”

Okay, first off, stay away from the 10. It is windy there! Did no one tell Topgolf this? Someone should tell them this!!

The company currently operates 34 locations – and those are all in bigger cities than Greater Palm Springs. While there has been some talk for a while now about a Topgolf opening in  town, the small market size of the desert has been a big reason why the company has not opened a location here yet but Topgolf does like the “golf-centric culture” of the Coachella Valley.

So when, if ever, can you and some friends grab a brew and some clubs and swing away at a Coachella Valley Topgolf?  Maybe sooner rather than later, according to Shor.

“I can’t give you anything specific, but I can tell you that it’s likely you’ll hear more about Topgolf in the valley over the next, call it, year or two?”

Sounds good to us.  Just let us know when we can help you find a non-windy location.

Image: Topgolf.com 

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