TMZ Reports Scott Weiland in Jail. He’s Not.

According to a report by TMZ Thursday, former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland has been in jail since July after being arrested for shoplifting razors(?) and possession of meth. A terrible, terrible thing to happen for the troubled singer except for the minor fact that IT WAS NOT TRUE.

Weiland released this video on Facebook showing that he is not in the pokey and kinda pissed:

So what gives? It turns out there was a “Scott Weiland” in jail, just not the Scott Weiland. The LA Times reports:

Turns out the inmate, identified as Jason Michael Hurley, 44, was able to trick police and jail staff into thinking he was the famous rocker, police said late Thursday night.

The hoax went on for about four weeks before it was discovered Thursday, thanks to the real Weiland’s video.

The now properly identified inmate will most likely face charges of giving false information to officers, police said.

The LA Times reached out to TMZ for comment, but they did not respond.  Probably too busy stalking Mariah and Nick Cannon.