Tiny, Ugly, Old Aluminum House That No One Wants May Be Headed to Palm Springs

A tiny, ugly, old aluminum house that no one else wants may soon be headed to Palm Springs…if The Mayor has his way.

The Aluminaire House, which currently sits in storage in Long Island, New York was built for a 1931 architectural exhibit as an example of affordable housing – one which clearly took off with absolutely no one in America.  Dubbed by many to be a “tiny” house, the home actually is 1,200 feet – which is a damn palace compared to many of the apartments I have lived in.

A company called Norcor (which sounds like the name of an evil corporation in a Bond film) had hoped to set up the house in Queens, New York – but residents of the area hated the building so fucking much they protested. In fact, there were so many protestors at a planning commision meeting, they ran out of time!  Seeing that no one wanted this ugly fucking thing, local authorities came to their senses and shot down their application in October of last year.

Enter Palm Springs Mayor Steve Pougnet, who according to The Desert Sun, is “leading the charge”  to bring the tiny, ugly, old aluminum house that no one wants to Palm Springs – at a cost of only $600,000 in donations!

And Pougnet is not alone, councilwoman Ginny Foat told The Desert Sun:

“To have something like this, as iconic as this, and a permanent fixture, will only add to what’s been the growing trend of people coming here to tour our wonderful architecture…so this is very exciting.”

Yes, downtown Palm Springs has plenty of empty storefronts, people shooting each other, and a total lack of public bathrooms – but soon, it may have a tiny, ugly, old aluminum house other cities have said no to.  How exciting indeed.