Tinder Hookups Up 300% at Coachella


Tinder is reporting that the hookup app was blowing up in Indio over the weekend. The company claims that during Weekend One of Coachella, usage was up 300% in the area over the weekend before.

[adsanity id=13143 align=alignright /]Now this is not all the surprising, seeing as how there was a sh*t ton more people in during the weekend than normal. But it is interesting to look at the breakdown Tinder gives for who used the app, via Mashable:

13-17 = 1%

18-24 = 31%

25-34 = 49%

35-44 = 16%

45-54 = 1%

55+ = 1%

Unknown = 1%

Three things:

  1. 13 to 17 year-olds on Tinder? Parents, grab your 13-year-old’s iPhone immediately.
  2. 55 and over?  You go Madonna!
  3. For everyone else, you are surrounded by good looking people looking to have a good time. Of all the weekends you do not need a hookup app, it is Coachella weekend.  Maybe put your phone away for a second (unless, of course,  you are reading an awesome blog or something).