Thousands of People Pounce When Best Buy Accidentally Sells $200 Gift Cards for $15

Who needs Amazon’s “Prime Day” when you have Best Buy and a technical glitch.

For several hours late Tuesday night, anyone browsing Best Buy’s website had the option to buy a two hundred dollar gift card for the low, low price of just fifteen bucks!  It seems as if it was a technical problem as Best Buy moved quickly to fix it.

But, not before Reddit picked up on the situation and thousands of shoppers pounced on the incredible deal. But, will they actually get to keep it? One Redditor, who claims to work for Best Buy, says no:

“I am an employee of Best Buy, and we are very good at honoring our mistakes, however, mistakes this public with 1000s of people ordering something super discounted by mistake will most likely get canceled.  In the mean time, I went ahead and ordered 2, but chances are, we’re all getting a refund.”