This Valentine’s Day is looking like it won’t flood the Coachella Valley, which is nice

Valentine’s Day is happening this Friday *opens tab, orders flowers, makes dinner reservation, closes tab* and, what do you know, the forecast for Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley doesn’t call for THE WORST FREAKIN’ STORM EVER!!! So, that’s a nice change from last year.

Oh sure, you remember the ridiculous storm from hell in 2019 that happened last Valentine’s Day. The one that killed all the roads, the Tram, the local mountains, and brought oh so much rain to the Coachella Valley.  Well, that’s not happening this year, so go ahead and skip those plans to build an ark and go have a romantic night or whatever.

And just for the record, the high on Friday is expected to be a lovely 72 and things will cool down at night to the upper 40s – which seems cool enough to have to cuddle, if you know what I mean…