This is the only way to claim your lottery prize

So the thing with winning the lottery is that they want to have that big ceremony and soon everyone you know is going to be asking for handouts from your new fat bank account. But, what is one to do, if you happen to live somewhere that they require the public appearance. You do this.

Hell yeah! That’s the winner of $158.4 million of the lottery in Jamaica wearing a Scream mask and it is honestly how all people should claim prizes from now on and so much more entertaining than watching Jenny McCarthy try to figure out if Tori Spelling is singing under a mask.

Of note, only six states (Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio and South Carolina) allow lottery winners to stay anonymous in the United States. There are also some states allow winners to shield their identity by claiming their winnings through a trust or a limited liability company – but, forget all that legal mumbo jumbo, get a Scream mask and be done with it.