This is looking like a pretty great week to buy weed in California

New restrictions on products sold by marijuana dispensaries go into effect on July 1 and that means that their existing inventory must be moved out by the end of June or destroyed. Since most businesses prefer making at least some money rather than destroying their stock, this means that some great deals can be had.

California is requiring that all cannabis retailers only sell items that have been independently tested in a lab as part of the recreation marijuana law that passed in 2016 and went into effect on January 1, 2018, as broken down by Herb.

After California officially began its legal sale of recreational cannabis on January 1st, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control allowed for a six-month transitional period before the new regulations kicked in. The regulations are aimed at increasing public safety by enforcing child-resistant packaging and ensuring that all products are tested for potentially dangerous contaminants.

The new regulations will also include a THC limit for edible products (including tinctures) and topicals. The limit has been set at 10 milligrams of THC per serving and 100 milligrams per package.

And while dispensaries are worried about having enough supply due to the regulations after July 1, for now they are more concerned with moving inventory before being forced to destroy it, with Leafly reporting discounts of 30 to 75 percent off in the Bar Area.

Locally, OG Collective told the Desert Sun they are selling a gram of marijuana concentrate for $25, which is about 75 percent off their normal price.   Another dispensary, Remedy Inc., is holding a big barbecue event to sell off their remaining inventory on Saturday.