This guy was paid $3,500 to become a Lakers fan

The Lakers have a new fan thanks to $3,500 and the fact that New York Knicks are a terrible, terrible basketball franchise.

Evan Perlmutter, a former fan of the Knicks who couldn’t take it anymore, will now be rooting for the purple and gold after selling his “fandom” on Ebay. The winning bid came from a 23-year-old Los Angeles YouTuber who said he contemplated making Perlmutter root for a terrible team, but instead will allow him to root for the Lakers.

“I am a lifelong LeBron James fan, and a Lakers fan of a month and half,” James Riedel told Bleacher Report. “I originally thought about turning Evan into a Nets fan for the torment, but I feel like he should be able to root for the King before he retires.”

As part of the deal, Perlmutter has to bet bet $500 on the team’s over/under, get a Lakers license plate frame for his car, buy NBA League Pass, and go to a Lakers home game and an away game.

He also has to burn at least three pieces of his Knicks memorabilia, which will be shown on Riedel’s YouTube channel.

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