This Guy is Stoked on These Palm Springs Elevators!

I wish that I could be as excited about anything as much as this guy is about The Palm Springs Hyatt’s elevators.

“These are in my option [sic] the most unusual and EPIC elevators I have ever ridden on,” writes the unseen guy on his YouTube post.

And his passion for these elevators has him take several rides up and down showing off every facet of the elevator from the windows to the buttons.

Some highlights:

  • :43 – the ladies riding up with him do not find anything at all odd about the elevator fan’s huge passion for this particular elevator
  • 1:23 – “oooh, nice elevator”
  • 2:10 – we get to see the numbers!
  • 3:10 – the bell hop handles the “what kind of elevator?” question as well as any person could.
  • 3:33 – a mad dash around the corner to watch the elevator climb!

You seriously have to admire this guy’s passion about elevators.

Keep living the vertical transporting dream buddy.