The Westfield Palm Desert mall is full of unusual things: a creepy hidden entrance,  at least a dozen people demanding you get a massage, and whatever the hell these things are. But, there is nothing in the mall that is more odd (and, let’s be honest, evil) than this awful thing:

If you have not seen it, this animated monstrosity (that slightly resembles Disneyland’s Haunted House hitch hikers) stands in front of a jewelry store (one of only 594 of them in the mall!) and does nothing more than make everyone feel uncomfortable and scare young children.

Is it better than having to constantly be asked if I want my shoes polished or if I want a massage while I just try to make my way though the mall? Yes. But, that does not change the fact that this terrible thing was probably made by a witch and gets no one in the mood to buy overpriced jewelry.