This 10-acre, 14 bedroom Lake Arrowhead compound can be yours for only $10 million


A 9.45-acre Lake Arrowhead compound complete with 14 bedrooms, two boat docks, and a volleyball court can be all yours for just short of $10 million.

The property, dubbed “Happy Landing,” was built in 1933, notes the Press Enterprise. The compound includes 14 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, a volleyball court, sports court. two boat docks, and a boathouse with three bedrooms on the shore – which is unique to the area as no similar structure has been approved in the area since 1935.


The place was built by the Doheny family back in the 1930s. Edward L. Doheny was an oil tycoon who drilled his first well in Los Angeles in 1893. He later was charged but acquitted of bribery in the Teapot Dome scandal.

If the Doheny name sounds familiar, it’s because Doheny Drive in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, Doheny Circle in Irvine, Doheny State Beach in Dana Point and the Doheny Eye Institute are all named for the family.


You can check out the listing for Happy Landing here.

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