Welcome to Things to do in Palm Springs This Weekend – which, we are still posting, because we haven’t missed a week since shortly after we started this website. Be safe. Be smart. Be at a good social distance from everyone.

Things to do in Palm Springs This Weekend (4/3 – 4/5)

1) Stay at Home

Okay, this is our new normal now.  Well, most of us.  For those who work in the healthcare industry and other essential jobs, thank you.  Seriously.  You are amazing and owed so many free drinks when this is all done.  For the rest of us, we can do our part by kicking it at home this weekend.  There are a ton of online performances by artists and DJs and Wrestlemania is somehow still happening, so there’s that.

2) Volunteer

If you are able to, find a way to help those in need.  There are Facebook groups popping up around the Valley to organize these efforts and Nextdoor will allow you to register as a helper home.  Make sure those in your neighborhood are okay and have the things they need to get by as we are all in this together, people.

3) Donate

There are a lot of organizations doing good right now including a ton of local organizations doing so much good for some many people. KESQ will hold a telethon on Friday night for the FIND Food Bank and there are a lot of other great organizations doing a great job on the national and local scale. Just, please,  remember there are also scammers out there during these times. Be careful who you give your money and info to and make sure you remind those who are most vulnerable to be extra careful when giving money.

4) Give Blood

The blood banks still need blood.  Desperately.

5) Support a Local Restaurant

If you are able to, order some takeout or delivery from one of our awesome local restaurants.  We are blessed to have many awesome eateries in town and when you grab some food you are not only supporting them, but also the people who work, your delivery driver, and so many others.  Plus, hey, it’s the weekend (remember those?), so maybe order a beer or a cocktail too – since that all can be delivered right to your door now.

6) Be Kind

Everyone is a combination of stressed, anxious, angry, sad, and depressed.  Be a good human.  Be nice and take care of each other.

Thank you for your support.  Be safe.

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