A Girl’s Guide to Making it Through Summer in The Desert

You know that age old question, “If you were dropped in the Desert for 4 years, what 3 things would you bring?” – or maybe it’s you’re alone on a deserted island, I can’t remember… anyhoo, it’s been 4 years for me here in The Coachella Valley and I really love it here.  I mean, how else would I have found out I can sweat from my knees other than to experience walking to my car on a 115 degree day?

Seriously though, I do love it here, but I wish someone would have told me a few things to have in the Desert that would have at least helped me survive my first summer.  This list of 10 things will help the girls more than the guys… but hey, this is my list of wants and I just happen to be a girl, so deal with it.

1. Windshield Sun Shade –  I never owned one of these in Pennsylvania (where I grew up), nor in South Florida (where I lived for 6 years). I only use it between the months of May (end of) and October (beginning of), but it saves my car from becoming a hell oven.

Star Wars Sun Shade

2. Hand towels – Normally you just buy these for your kitchen or bathroom, but here in the Desert, you’ll use it to cover your steering wheel.  Why?  Because the sun hates you and wants to laugh at your burn injuries as you try to drive your car away from wherever it might have been sitting for possibly the last 8 hours.  This is even IF you bought that sun shade above… the sun will penetrate your other windows and cook your steering wheel.

Amazing Hand Towels

3. Cute sandals – You might be able to get away with some random flip flops in other parts of the country, but since the rest of your wardrobe is as minimal as possible here already, the least you could do is wear some cute sandals. (Guys – You can wear anything.  Except socks with sandals.  No… just no, to that Sir.)

DSW sandals

4. Polarized Sunglasses – I laughed when my boyfriend (Casey, founder of Cactus Hugs and my former cohost on the radio) first told me that I needed to get expensive sunglasses for two reasons. 1. There’s no way I was about to spend over $100 on sunglasses. 2. There’s no way I was about to spend over $100 on sunglasses that in two weeks I will crush with my backend. (Happened to EVERY $10 pair I ever bought, ever.)  I ended up buying them and I’m pretty sure it’s half the reason my vision is still 20/20.

Polarized Sunglasses

5. Maxi Skirt – It’s the yoga pant of the skirt world. Plus if you walk in a certain way (a way that will certainly get stares and keep people away) you can get a slight breeze going.

Maxi Skirt

6. Linen Pants – Not just for your Grandpa anymore!   Linen pants are glorious.  I wear them every once in awhile (when I run out of Maxi Skirts) and they get me through the day.

Linen Pants

7. A Camera – I know what you’re thinking, “Why is a camera on this list?!”  Um, because have you ever tried to take a picture of your car’s dashboard temperature without one?  That’s right… you can’t!  That’s why it’s a Desert essential.

Car Temperature

8. Eyeshadow Primer – Your eyeshadow/eye liner will melt off your face without it. Why?  Because in the Desert your eyelids will sweat, or catch your sweat.  My favorite one (more because it works and it’s $1 than anything else) is E.L.F.’s eye primer.

Elf primer

9. The Two Tank Method – Familiarize yourself with this. One tank to catch the tummy roll sweat (don’t pretend you don’t know what this is) and another one to make ya look nice. Preferably the second one is ‘flowy’.

Two Tank Method

10. A Shamwow – I don’t know that this is appropriate to wipe yourself off with in public, but when you’re hot as hell and it’s 119 degress out, are you about to tell me you care what other people are thinking of your sweat wisking methods?  They’re looking because they’re jealous… that’s all.


Hope this helps!  Am I missing any of your summer survival favorites?  Let me know in the comments! ~KK