Things Get Crazy For 2 Women at Walmart

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Things got a little nuts inside of a Houston Walmart this week as a customer and a tax worker got into a physical altercation.

ABC13 has the play-by-play:

The customer, Jessica Albitz, is then seen head butting tax worker Alice Keener. Keener is then seen fighting back. She takes Albitz by the head and starts banging in on a table nearby. Keener then slams Albitz to the floor.

Albitz told Eyewitness News that the two to in a verbal spat a day earlier when Albitz and her husband went to the Jackson Hewitt tax booth inside Walmart to file their taxes. Albitz was not their tax worker, but was just clocking in to work.

“She came in in a bad mood, and so she took it out on us,” said Albitz. “She was very rude to us.”

The next day, when Albitz came back to Walmart to shop, she ran into Keener again.  That is when things got a bit crazy:

A trespassing warning was given to Albitz by police when the fight was over