These are the 32 things the FBI took in the Palm Springs Raid

FBI Raid Palm Springs

Some clues as to what exactly the FBI and IRS are looking into after the #PouGhazi raid on Palm Springs city hall on September 1st, 2015 came out on Monday, as KESQ obtained a list of 32 items that were seized that day.

Those items, as they appear on the official log, are:

  1. Purple file folder labeled 9/16/15 containing Nexus Development docs.
  2. Miggy’s Cantina Cancelled checks
  3. Contract profit and loss statements, Board member information
  4. David Ready emails regarding Wessman’s fee
  5. Citizen’s complaint to city mayor; letter from CA FPPC
  6. Voicemail log
  7. Documents for La Hacienda; Miggy’s Cantina
  8. Docs with related names: Nexus, David Ready
  9. Handwritten notes, management plans, power points documents
  10. Letter from Attorney (possible taint material)
  11. Form 803s, contact lists, Form 802, handwritten notes, talking points
  12. Developer agreement, emails. related to subjects
  13. Email from J. Raymond to D. Ready, D. Holland
  14. Folder containing PO Change orders
  15. Claim voucher (2)
  16. Five folders containing misc documents (Abbey and Wessman)
  17. Spiral notebook
  18. State of city docs, stand alone notes. blue file folder “2014”
  19. Dakota Files (Possible taint material)
  20. CFD Annex Doc (Possible taint material)
  21. Correspondence from file for downtown project
  22. Aberdeen Prairie Schooner memorandum and correspondence
  23. Plaza del sol Redwell
  24. Agreement with Wessman Holding
  25. ABC lawsuit (Possible taint material)
  26. Dakota Files
  27. WD External hard drive
  28. Surface laptop (Marcus Fuller)
  29. Surface laption (David Ready)
  30. iphone (Amy Blaisdell)
  31. HP “CAT’S MIND” sn:WXL1A61X4977
  32. Black My Passport ultra external hard drive sn:WXA1A2413965

Who knows, maybe the spiral notebook (#17) is the key to everything!!!!

We will find out soon enough, I suppose.