There’s still time for you to run for Congress!

Hey. Wanna run for Congress? Well, good news: you still can.

The deadline to get your name in for the June 5 primary is this Friday at 5 pm. Now, you should know that you will either need to come up with $1,740 or 2,000 signatures in order to qualify for the ballot. But, other than that, you are good to go.

Really, other than driving a terrible car, the only qualifications this year to run for the Coachella Valley’s congressional seat is to have been a person on who was on television – so, if you have ever posted an Instagram story, Facebook Live, or Snapchat vid, consider yourself more than qualified – hell, it really doesn’t even matter if you actually live in the district.

Note: you may also want to reach out to all of your rich, out-of-town friends for donations.

You can get all the info on running here. Good luck and thanks in advance for naming a post office after Cactus Hugs after you’re elected.