There’s some concern that Cathedral City’s dumb plan to fill vacant council seat is fixed

Emails between current council members have some residents concerned that Cathedral City’s terrible plan to fill the city council seat left vacant after the death of Mayor Greg Pettis is all about getting former Mayor Stan Henry back on the council.

As the Desert Sun reports, Cathedral City Mayor Pro Tem John Aguilar emailed Henry to let him know that he was “convinced” there “will be 3-1” council support in favor of him being appointed to the council through 2020.

The exchange between Aguilar and Henry started with an email from Andy Jessup, who praised Henry and asked Mayor Mark Carnevale to consider him for the vacant seat.

Carnevale forwarded the message to Aguilar. After a few messages, Henry wrote to Aguilar that “Im (sic) working on the application now!!!!”

Aguilar’s response to Henry: “ (sic) convinced it will be 3-1…”

In an interview Tuesday evening, Aguilar said “3-1” referred to his belief of the council being in favor of Henry being appointed as the next council member.

“It doesn’t mean that there’s been a predetermined decision that I’m aware of that former Mayor Henry is going to be appointed,” Aguilar said on Tuesday.

Cathedral City’s current mayor, Mark Carnevale, told KESQ that contrary what some assume is a fixed outcome, that is not actually the case.

“Just the idea that it is believed that this council has gotten together to predetermine who we want to appoint is just ridiculous. It didn’t happen and it’s not true,” Carnevale said.

Of course, the city could have avoided all of this by simply allowing actual residents of the city vote on the council seat, but the City Attorney’s office recommended the council move forward with an appointment because it was faster and cheaper – which, I guess leaves more money for art installations on the city’s lawn.