There’s just too much freaky shit going on in this Palm Springs air conditioning commercial

Most Palm Springs local tv commercials stick to the typical formula of having the business owner stumble through a laundry list of goods or services for 30 seconds while a camera pans around their store and the same models smile and wave, before ending with a catchy closing line of “if you didn’t buy it from us, you’re an asshole and got ripped off” – or something like that. Every once in a while, someone presents and out of the box concept of superheroes selling carsjerks insulting women, performing a root canal on Santa, or having those kids still talk about The General even though they are like 37 now. Now, there is a new entry into the Weird Local TV Hall of Fame and, I’m just going to warn you: the whole thing centers around a guy nailing an air conditioner. 

Yeah, that’s right. We are led to believe there is hot man-on-A/C action in this spot for NexGen and, well, that’s not the only freaky thing going on.

Here, check it out:

Alright, so, yeah, that was a commercial where a dude bangs an air conditioning unit.  What a time to be alive!

But, I think there’s more going on here…

Who the hell is this guy?

And why is she so happy to see him?

Umm, hey, A/C lover guy (who kind of looks like Mac from It’s Always Sunny)…

I’m pretty sure that while you were doing whatever with the A/C, that dude was getting it on with your lady.

Oh Well…

Local Palm Springs television is really something.