There’s a ‘Jerry Maguire Video Store’ that just opened in LA

Remember video rental stores? Those terrible places that never had the movie you wanted and charged you a damn fee if you forgot to rewind your one-night rentals of Die Hard and Dirty Dancing? Yeah. They were a pain in the ass – especially now that you can stream basically whatever you want with the click of a button. But there is one video rental store making a comeback and it is doing so with only one movie. No, not one VHS tape, one movie: Jerry Maguire – a whopping 14,000 copies of it.

the jerry maguire video store | echo park

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The pop-up has opened in Echo Park by the Los Angeles based art collective “Everything Is Terrible!” who needed to do something with all the tapes. So, they set up the store and a a website.  But, don’t expect to actually rent the movie while the store is open over the next few weeks.

“That would involve you taking a Jerry from the collection and that is of course not allowed,” Dimitri Sinakis told ABC 7.

The “store” contains all VHS copies of the movie with not a single DVD or Laser Disc in sight – though there are copies in English, Spanish and French.

The group hopes that the store will help raise the funds for the ultimate goal: a huge pyramid of the Jerry Maguire videos built in the desert.

Check out some pics:

What to rent, what to rent… #TheJerryMaguireVideoStore #ShowMeTheVHS #YouHadMeAtVHS

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Spoilt for choice with @lukegoodsell #thejerrymaguirevideostore

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