You have undoubtedly noticed that beer from a tap is almost always better than beer from a can or bottle. But, seeing as how most people don’t have to funds to buy kegs and put a tap system in their home, a can or bottle is the best you can do. Until now.

You may have seen the Fizzics Waytap when it was on Shark Tank. It’s a beer dispenser that lets you load up any standard can or bottle of beer inside of it, then agitates it with sound waves to produce just the right amount of “micro-foam” – making it seem like beer from the tap.

Here’s a quick video of it in action:

The older model gets a solid 4-star rating on Amazon and today only, the new model is selling for only 100 bucks on Amazon – though do note, they are backordered and it not might arrive in time for Christmas. But that’s ok, just wrap up a picture of what’s coming to the beer lover in your life with a bottle of a good IPA. They will be stoked.

Check it out on Amazon.

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