There used to be a Miss Tramwayland. No seriously.

Nowadays, a trip up the Palm Springs tram means getting in a hike, bringing up some grub for a picnic, or having a pricey drink or two at the Mountain Station bar, but 50 years ago, it looks like the Tramway did things a little differently.

Yeah, Miss Tramwayland was a thing that actually happened.

No seriously.

An archived Desert Sun article from 1969 explains:

Twenty-four of Southern California’s loveliest young women have entered the fourth annual Miss Tramwayland Beauty Pageant to be held at the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway on July Fourth. Miss Tramwayland and her royal court reign over the Aerial Tramway for an entire year, serving as hostesses at many special events, greeting dignitaries and movie stars, and posing for publicity pictures.

Palm Springs history is crazy.