There is Now an Instagram to Shame So Cal’s Terrible Parking Jobs

The Coachella Valley is notorious for being home to to terrible parking jobs – and now you can share all of the ridiculous ones you see with the world, courtesy of a new Instagram account.

So Cal resident Andria Farrell told LAist that she started @ParkingLotShaming after moving to LA 6 years ago and immediatly noticing just how awful so many people were at parking.

“I was so fed up with how rudely people would park,” she told LAist. “There’s really only so many times that you can sit in your car and cry from exhaustion, so I figured if I can’t beat them, shame them!”

Some examples:

Farrell is always looking for more examples of shitty parking jobs, you can send the ones you see as a DM to Instagram or Twitter.

(H/T LAist)