How it took someone this long to figure out funnel cake and ice cream belonged together in sandwich form is beyond me…but no need to dwell on that anymore…because, at long last, the funnel cake ice cream sandwich is here!!

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The “FuNELLE cake” is being sold every Thursday evening at Ice Que in Alhambra – about an hour and 45 minutes from Palm Springs…a bit of a drive, yes. But, ummmm, funnel cake ice cream sandwich!!!.

The item is currently being sold with vanilla mascarpone filled with strawberries. Ice Que’s John Park told LAist, “We want it to taste exactly like what you would have at Magic Mountain and Knott’s Berry Farm—funnel cake topped with powdered sugar, whipped cream and berries.”

Park said more flavor combos could be on the way, not that it matters since they had me at funnel cake ice cream sandwich!

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(H/T LAist)

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