There are plenty of other days to have a craft beer festival

(Brew in LQ)

For the second year in a row, two craft beer festivals are planned for the same day in the Coachella Valley. As a community that does not have many beer fests, this seems like one too many beer fests for that day and that it would be wise for one of them to move their beer fest to another day. No one expects this to happen.

Saturday, November 17 will see over 25 breweries descend upon the Palm Springs Air Museum for Props and Hops from 1 to 5 pm. Meanwhile, Brew in LQ currently shows nine breweries and a winery coming out for their event in La Quinta, also on November 17, from 5 to 9 pm.  And while the events are not at the same time, it does seem like it would make much more sense for attendees and breweries to hold these events on different days.

Palm Springs Props and Hops

Both of these events look like they could be fun and affordable (especially with that Groupon for Props and Hops), but there is no way more than a handful of people attend both.  And there are only so many beer fans to go around in this wine-loving town.

Now I’m not sure how things like this happen, especially two years in a row, but it seems like it could be easily avoided if the promoters behind each event would, oh I don’t know, communicate with each other in advance of marking their date in the calendar. It seems like that would be in both of their best interests and there are, at least the last time that I checked, 364 other days in the year and it seems like a lot of them would be a great day for a craft brew festival.

Nobody wins with the current scheduling and it’s really not too late to move one of them.  In fact, if one of them comes to their senses and does in the next week, I’ll give that festival $1,000 in free advertising on Cactus Hugs – because someone has to do something about this totally unnecessary mess.