The Zenyara Estate Coachella party | Here’s what it was like

Please enjoy a Cactus Hugs post from guest author Austin Hails

Ever wonder what it’s like to party like a Playboy bunny? Well, I never knew I did until I was there: the Zenyara estate. The massive 50-acre, 11 bedroom property is the definition of festival extravagance. There’s a giant pool that spans the entire estate, complete with a moat or lazy river, there’s sand on one side so you feel like you’re at the beach, and a helicopter pad just in case you get tired of festival traffic. Everything you can find about it online will tell you, it’s in “Palm Springs,” because that’s what non-locals call the entire valley, but in reality, it’s tucked in (as much as you can tuck 50 acres) an area of Coachella (again, the city not the festival) a couple of minutes from the Empire Polo Club.

In recent years, it’s become famous for hosting supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid, as well as becoming the site for super-exclusive Coachella after-parties. Saturday night, it was a bash hosted by Adidas, who transformed the venue into a sports club.

If you get on the all-mighty guest list, because you know somebody who knows somebody, (I know some douche at Cactus Hugs, which is basically the golden ticket – editor’s note: that’s not nice!), you’re welcomed into the sprawling property to drink free booze, watch DJs spin and enjoy the ultimate people-watching olympics.

If you go to one of these parties, no doubt, you will spend some of your time saying “wasn’t that girl in that thing?” “doesn’t that guy play for ______” “hey, she sings that one song!” All while they look at you and wonder why you’re actually there, or who you know.

The estate itself is a picture out of a real estate magazine, under the heading “extravagant and luxurious.” Seriously, you should bring your walking shoes.

For the event, and maybe the weekend, Adidas set up a basketball court, soccer field and pickle ball courts so guests could sip on the free booze and bravely challenge others to a 3v3 tournament.

Overall, feeling like a VIP and getting to see this property is reason enough to never turn down an invite to a party here. And if you’re real fancy and want to rent it for yourself and 27 of your closest friends, it’ll only set you back a cool $350,000 a weekend during the festivals.

Check out some photos: