The Wall Street Journal has discovered Palm Springs isn’t just old people anymore

Palm Springs, CA

It’s always amazing when an elite East Coast paper notices something that is obvious to everyone on the west coast but decides to publish it anyway. That happened Wednesday when the Wall Street Journal took time to let those looking for stock info and conservative commentary know that Palm Springs not only has retirees, but also younger people, festivals, and restaurants that are open in July.  

There were several startling discoveries of non-elders in the desert from the newspaper.  Some excerpts:

Some of the events are aimed at a younger crowd, such as massive, hotel pool parties with wall-to-wall dancing in the water. But other happenings attract all ages, like the Stagecoach Country Music Festival, pro golf and tennis championships, the Palm Springs International Film Festival, and Modernism Week, a celebration of the area’s Midcentury Modern architecture.

News in August that a trust for the Kardashian family bought a seven-bedroom mansion in La Quinta for $12 million cements what Palm Springs residents have known for a number of years: The Coachella Valley has transitioned from a sleepy place where old people go to retire into happening destination for all ages.

Just as Art Deco architecture helped revive Miami Beach in the 1980s from a rundown retirement community to a hip, happening international destination, Midcentury Modern is attracting the design and style conscious to Palm Springs, Calif., fueling music and art festivals, Modernism Week and bringing younger visitors to all nine cities in the Coachella Valley.


You can read the entire article here.  None of it will surprise you.