The wait times for Star Wars Land at Disneyland are expected to be insane

Are you excited about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge this summer at Disneyland? You should be. It’s Star Wars! And it’s a new land at Disneyland!! And it’s expected to be awesome!!! Oh, but here’s the thing, you are not alone in your excitement. Everyone else is too. No. Seriously. Literally everyone else. And that means the lines are going to be absolutely bonkers.

Via BlooLoop:

“If you’re not a huge Star Wars or Disney fan, you’d be crazy to visit Disneyland if crowds are anything close to 150,000 people, let alone 200,000,” said Len Testa, president of Touring Plans. This is an online subscription service that lets users create custom theme park itineraries.

Touring Plans anticipates 8 – to 10-hour lines just to get into Disneyland. It expects a MaxPass/FastPass system to be implemented for accessing the 14-acre Galaxy’s Edge. Once inside the immersive land, which Testa estimates can hold up to 13,000 people, visitors could encounter 6-hour waits for each of the E-Ticket attractions, Touring Plans forecasts. Avatar: Flight of Passage generated similar wait times when the attraction first opened at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Florida.

*Price is Right Loser Horn Sound*

10 hours…just to get in the park???  Well, that is enough time to watch all of the good Star Wars movies while you wait – no, you’re not included Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Disney CEO Bob Iger said that the expected long lines due to huge interest is a “good problem to have” because, well, he can probably go to the front of the line anytime he wants.

As for the rest of us, maybe just wait for a super rainy day or the year 2025 to check it out.