The stupid ‘omega block’ is making things hot af this week

(National Weather Service)

Typically, Memorial Day Weekend is seen as the official “kickoff to summer” and Mother Nature is wasting no time in doing just that, as temps this week in the Coachella Valley are expected to soar above 110 degrees this week all thanks to something called the “omega block” which, surprisingly, is not something the Guardians of the Galaxy set out to find in their next movie, but is actually a meteorological term that I just learned and now we can all be mad at for making things so darn hot in the desert.

First the forecast, which is calling for temperatures to be near or above 110 starting today and lasting through at least Thursday, according to KMIR’s Jerry “The Steffler” Steffen:

An excessive heat warning has been issued through Friday due to the high temps – so, please, don’t go for a freakin’ hike at 2 pm on Wednesday.

Now, as far as that “omega block” that we can all be enraged at now, the National Weather Service explains that the jet stream takes on the shape of the Greek letter omega  – Ω – leaving a high pressure system lingering in our area:

With temps this hot, be sure to do all you can to stay hydrated, inside, or, at least, in the shade.

The “good news” is that things will “cool” a bit for the weekend, with temps down to the 103-105 range and, by next week, things are expected to dip back down under the triple digits.