The severed head of Trump on a spear probably wasn’t the best idea for a school mural


There’s been a bit of controversy this week over a mural painted at a Chula Vista school that depicts the bloody, severed head of President Trump on a spear. Wait, what?

The painting was unveiled at an event during the last weekend of April at MAAC Community Charter School during a fundraiser where students and artists painted murals in an alley behind the school to highlight urban art, according to the LA Times.

Since the unveiling, the school has, naturally, received plenty of complaints because, it’s a freakin’ school and what the hell, man?

The artist, Sasha Andrade, has agreed to change the mural – but, it looks like she is pretty proud of the work, posting it on Facebook along with, “They can try to #censor it but here it is guys!!!!” Hashtags in the message included “#urwelcome” and “#freedomofexpression.”

“Obviously there’s a lot of concern over what is depicted,” the district’s PIO, Manny Rubio, said. “Because of that, they’re going to rework it. Our ultimate goal is that instruction continues and is not interrupted.”