The Salton Sea will be stinking up your life through Tuesday


Because merely feeling like you are roasting in an over every time you go outside isn’t punishment enough for those just trying to make it through August in the Coachella Valley, you will also get to enjoy the pungent aroma of rotten eggs, thanks to the Salton Sea, for the next couple of days.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District issued an odor advisory on Sunday, that lasts through Tuesday, due to a large amount of hydrogen sulfide concentrations in the air – which, combined with a bit of wind, gives us year-round Desert rats a chance to see what life would be like to live full-time inside a fart.

The levels detected can cause headaches and nausea – which sucks, but the agency claims there are no long term health risks associated with those symptoms.

Officials expect the smell to die down by Tuesday night, so, what the hell, why not make the best of it and feast today on all the cabbage, beans, milk, and other fart foods you want – as it’s not like anyone is going your stench later.