The Raul Ruiz shitty car commercial has arrived

Well, folks. The 2018 campaign to represent California’s 36th Congressional district was long and weird and, wow was it freakin’ weird – but, it looks likes it’s now over as incumbent Raul Ruiz has unleashed his unbeatable weapon: a TV commercial featuring his terrible, awful, shitty sedan.

The commercial begins with Ruiz in front of a much nicer Lexus, which may lead one to believe that he has upgraded from his VW, but nope!

Ruiz is just there to rip on “dozens of Washington politicians” who use tax dollars to lease cars for their personal, buy first class plane tickets, and want to raise their own pay.

And then, at :19 seconds in, the magic happens. Ruiz brings out the big gun and isn’t it a site to see?

The entire commercial is below, but, seeing as Ruiz has more money in his campaign than he knows what to do with, you will undoubtedly be seeing it all over the TV up until election day.

The election is 28 days away.

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