The Rancho Mirage election is as just as dumb as you thought it would be

While most of us are worried about our health and finances during the COVID-19 pandemic, the city of Rancho Mirage is having an election. In April! And while we have gone over how dumb this practice is in the past, this time around it has become even more ridiculous as it seems the main focus of the race for city council has been, as predicted: fast food restaurants.

The Desert Sun reports on the latest in the race with candidates upset over missing yard signs, accusations of “secret backroom deals,” and Mayor Dana Hobart stating to the paper that “It is my speculation” that a candidate running for office moved to the desert after being the attorney for the anti-In-N-Out Burger group, which the candidate denies.ย  Anyway, it’s Rancho Mirage at its most Rancho Mirage-iest, so have a read.

But, before you do that, feast your eyes on this campaign ad:

Now two things become very clear in that ad.ย  1) It would be weird even during normal times, which we are very much not in right now, and 2) clearly graphic design is someone’s passion:

I do have to give props though for the old school Arby’s hat sign…err, I mean Derby’s…and not one but two Donald’s opening up right next to each other.

While this negative ad may have played to fears a few months ago, my guess is there are probably a lot more Rancho Mirage residents who would be all about fast food joints with a drive thru near their house nowadays – and hey, look Bopey’s is even “hireing” in this economy.

๐ŸŽถ Love that chicken from Bopey’s ๐ŸŽถ

The election is scheduled for April 14.