The Price of Beer in Every NFL Stadium (Spoiler: Raiders, 49ers, and Chargers Fans Pay More)

Bad news Californians, you are paying much more for a beer at the stadium than people in the rest of the country.

Team Marketing Report compiled the price of a cold one at each team’s home games (they used the smallest size available for each team) and, as you can see below, California teams dominate the top of the list of beerĀ prices.

The Oakland Raiders sell the most expensive beer in the league (too bad they are not putting more of that beer money made into the team amirite?) at $10.75 a 20 oz. cup! The Niners rank second at $10 (and that is only for 16 oz.), followed by the Chicago Bears at $9.25, and four teams at $9.00 – including the San Diego Chargers.

Interestingly, the Rams are also charging $9 a beer – maybe they are charging more to help with their future moving costs?

Seven different teams offer a beer for just 5 bucks – although most of those are just 12 oz. in size.

Check out all of the rankings here with the size of beer in ounces is in parentheses:

business insider beers

Now, in all fairness, when you break it down by price per ounce, someĀ California teams actually offer a better price on beer than some other teams (looking at you Eagles, Cowboys and Cardinals):

price per ounce beer

Based on all the info, one can conclude that it is probably best to just go ahead and have a few of your own beers in the parking lot and then just stick to the overpriced water bottles sold at the stadium during the game.