The Palm Springs Mayor was very busy changing his clothes on Saturday


Thousands of protestors rallied against gun violence in schools in Palm Springs on Saturday as part of the city’s March For Our Lives protest. One noticeable absence was the city’s mayor, Robert Moon – who was actually booed by the crowd before a chant of “vote him out” as the rally reached the steps of City Hall. So why was the mayor not there? Well, he was very busy changing outfits.

Moon was the target of much scorn during the rally for not attending the event and not signing a proclamation designating the day as March For Our Lives Day.  In a couple of Facebook posts (here and here), Moon explained that after consulting with the city’s city manager, he decided to not attend the rally due to it’s political nature, even though he “personally strongly endorse the students and their cause and what it stands for.”

He also added that he was very busy with developers, Fashion Week, a picnic, and so many wardrobe changes (via Facebook, emphasis by me):

Please note that I had a full schedule on Saturday. I was committed to speak at 10:00am to a large HOA group that lives along the boundaries of the proposed Bel Air Greens Resort project. I had been asked some time ago by their HOA board to come and speak to them about the administrative process for the city’s review and approval of this proposed project. The developer was also speaking. I assuaged their fears by carefully explaining the review and approval process and telling them how to be involved from the beginning. I then left to change clothes and attend the OnePS picnic at 11:00am – 1:00pm. I then went home to change clothes again and drive to Cathedral City for the monthly Democrats of the Desert meeting, which I try to never miss. The main speaker was speaking on affordable housing in the CV Valley. I left that meeting and drove to the 4:00 rally in Ruth Hardy Park. From there I went home, changed clothes again, and drove to El Paseo to attend the last night of Fashion Week El Paseo.

Could the mayor have made extra time to attend the March for Our Lives rally if he had just chosen a sensible outfit suitable for wearing to each event he attended during the day?  We will never know.