The Palm Springs Mayor was investigated for having a secret video camera


Palm Springs Mayor Robert Moon was recently investigated by the city and police after other city council members (!) accused him of secretly recording people in his office. Law enforcement officials didn’t pursue the matter which…wait…what the hell?


Moon was accused of secretly recording people in his office and potentially eavesdropping on conversations using a Blink security camera and an amazon intercom system.

“The technology wasn’t there. The system in the office is a simple Blink system. If someone enters my office at night, when it’s turned on, it will alert me on my Iphone and take a ten second video,” Moon said.

Moon says he bought the device because there are no security systems at City Hall and believed items in his office may have been moved. He says it’s an issue he brought to the city attorney’s attention, but could not be resolved. As for the intercom device, Moon says it would be impossible to hear the person on the other end unless the user pressed the button to activate access to a conversation.

The city attorney told the tv station that complaints against the mayor and his secret camera in April.  The city then conferred with a non-city lawyer who recommended turning things over to law enforcement.  After three weeks, officials decided not to pursue the matter.

Moon didn’t know about the charges until last week – and it appears they made him angry.

“You can criticize what I do, or what I think or what I say, but to criticize my integrity, really, really hurts a lot,” Moon said in a city council meeting.

The city is now instituting a new policy to recording devices, such as the one the mayor appears to have installed without telling anyone.

There was no word on what items may or may not have been moved around the mayor’s office that led Moon to install a secret camera and intercom system.