The Palm Springs mayor says foodies drove the Hard Rock out of town


Palm Springs Mayor Robert Moon took a break from wardrobe changes and driving all around town to find shoes to talk to the Desert Sun about why he believes the Hard Rock brand is pulling out of the Palm Springs property less than five years after it was rebranded the Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs.

“I’ve known for a while that the Hard Rock was leaving the management,” Moon said, adding that “reputable sources” had informed him about a likely return of the property to Hotel Zoso’s management.

The mayor is so informed and he wants you to know. it.  He also claims to know why the Hard Rock brand didn’t work out.

“People were never particularly crazy about the food there,” Moon said. “Palm Springs has become a foodie destination and the young people who come to Palm Springs now really expect quality in the food, not just the accommodation.”

He is clearly an expert on “the young people.”

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