The Palm Springs mayor just loves the giant babies

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Palm Springs Mayor Robert Moon took in the new, weird, giant baby statue things at a party at the hotel that was built thanks, in large part, to the previous mayor allegedly taking bribes from the developer of the project. Of course, that wasn’t discussed during the event, because Palm Springs would prefer that we all just sweep that under the rug. Instead the focus was on the strange statues that now are arranged in an empty pit near the property and, according to the Desert Sun, Moon just loves the creepy things.

Palm Springs Mayor Rob Moon, who addressed the crowd during the celebration, said he thinks it’s an exciting installation for the city.

“It’s real appropriate for Palm Springs,” he said. “Palm Springs has always been on the cutting edge of art and architecture. The city embraced Marilyn. I didn’t think you could one up Marilyn.”

The babies are slated to be on display until a planned residential building on the property is developed – which is looking like it won’t be until at least 2020.  But that should make the mayor happy as it will give him plenty of time to enjoy the nightmarish statues.