The Palm Springs Mayor is okay with the Taco Bell Hotel


All of us learned this morning that Taco Bell is opening a pop-up hotel in August in what I can only guess is the first step towards Taco Bell Golf Courses, Taco Bell Airports, and Taco Bell Hospitals (“You have an infection? Treat it with an Enchirito!”). For some reason, KESQ decided to reach out to Mayor Buzzkill about the Taco Bell Hotel and it went about as you would expect.

“At first, I thought this was a joke until I found an article online,” Moon said in an email to the TV station (going to assume that the “article online” was Cactus Hugs, so thanks for reading, man).  “I have never heard of a Taco Bell Hotel and I certainly have not heard anything about it.  However, it sounds sort of cool. We do have a younger demographic in PS now!”

Moon had no details about where the hotel would be going, what it will be like, or, well, any info at all.  But hey, that younger demo seems to like tacos, so yay Palm Springs!