The Palm Springs mayor is done


The Palm Springs Mayor is done after serving one term.

“I love public service but do not like partisan politics,” Palm Springs Mayor Robert Moon texted KESQ’s Brooke Beare. “After 26 years in the Navy, three years on the Measure J Commission and four years on Council, that is 33 years of proud public service. Time to retire.”

He also told the Desert Sun that he wasn’t having fun because he is being investigated for allegedly installing a secret camera.

“If I was really having fun, I’d continue doing it, but I’m not having fun anymore because of the way I’ve been treated by the other council members strictly because I don’t share their progressive values,” he told the paper. “This investigation is still going on. You can imagine how I’ve really felt.”

He will be remembered best for…ummm…well…honestly, I have no idea.  But hey, he does read Cactus Hugs – and that’s cool.

Anyway, I guess he will have more time to change outfits and shop for shoes, so there’s that.

Palm Springs will vote for council representatives this fall.

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