The Palm Springs Mayor doesn’t think too highly of Cathedral City or Rancho Mirage


The Palm Springs City Council voted to adopt a five-district system for future elections this week. The vote was four to one and, this will surprise you, the only vote against it was Mayor Buzzkill, Robert Moon – a man who has a pretty high opinion of himself, but of Rancho Mirage or Cathedral City.

The plan going forward is to have a rotating mayor, from the city council and selected by the council, rather than having the mayor elected by the people. Moon was not at all happy about this.  He voiced his displeasure during the city council meeting and also managed to insult some nearby cities.

Via The Desert Sun (emphasis by me):

Moon said he voted against five districts because he did not feel that the majority of Palm Springs residents wanted a rotating mayor. He added the city has an “image to maintain” and residents wanted to choose the figurehead of the city.

People in Palm Springs, we’re different. We’re not Cathedral City. We’re not Rancho Mirage,” he said in reference to other Coachella Valley cities that do not have directly elected mayors.

It’s not the first time that insults have been hurled at other Coachella Valley cities by the Palm Springs mayor – who has been helping the city maintain its image by installing secret cameras, flip flopping on important personnel decisions, mansplaning, looking the other way when it comes to shady developers, and changing his clothes every 10 minutes.

Moon also added that he believes the new districts might enhance minority votes, but added that Palm Springs is one of the least racist places he has ever seen.