The Palm Springs DMV is closing for six months

The line at the Palm Springs DMV will soon be moving even slower than normal.

That’s because they are shutting it down for six months beginning on April 5, according to KESQ. Why? Because fuck you! That’s why!!!

Actually, they are planning to do some repairs and upgrades to the place on North Farrell Drive – so who knows? Maybe next time you go to renew your license the place won’t smell like sorrow and death.

So where should you go instead during the closure, well, any of these will do the trick:

  • Palm Desert DMV field office: 74-740 Technology Drive
  • Indio DMV field office: 44480 Jackson Street
  • Banning DMV field office: 1034 West Ramsey Street

You can also do some things like pay your fees online – which def beats going in – so try that first here.