The Palm Springs Airport is trying to figure out what you can do with your marijuana

The Palm Springs International Airport, which basically exists just for Canadians these days, is trying to figure out just what to do with you and the Indica flower you picked up over the weekend at Citidank (or whatever they are calling that place these days).

Following LAX’s announcement that they will allow people to bring marijuana in their carry-ons the Los Angeles airport, the Palm Springs airport commissioners had a discussion Wednesday about whether to recommend the City Council adopt a policy regarding cannabis, according to the Desert Sun.

The issue concerning airports and weed is a tricky one as some states allow marijuana, but the big, dumb federal government still considers it illegal. Thanks, Jeff Sessions.

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The Palm Springs Airport commission believes that once a passenger goes through TSA, they are in a federally governed area and all marijuana would be considered illegal.

The airport’s biggest concern about adopting a policy seems to be making sure passengers know the rules ahead of time. The board will discuss the issue further at a November 14 meeting.

In the meantime, just smoke your shit before you get there.

Read more at The Desert Sun.

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