The Old Town La Quinta Block Party is something that should happen more often

La Quinta Block Party
(image by Kristen Dolan)

Live music, food trucks, and beer usually make for a good time – and Friday night was no exception in Old Town La Quinta.

The “19th Hole Golf Party” seemed, at least to my eyes, to be a pretty big success. Loads of people made it out to Old Town (which really seems like it was built for these kinds of things), with what looked like a pretty good mix of locals and tourists (easy to spot with their Tommy Bahama shirts and visors).

Now, I am not sure if the event needed 3 stages, especially since the sound of each act would “battle” each other in the center of the plaza, but the performances were a pretty good mix of live bands and DJs – one of which took time out from bounty hunting in a galaxy far, far away:

And one little dude, in particular, just loved it!

It was nice to see an event designed to bring the entire community together – and this one really seemed to do just that.  Young, old, snowbird, tourists, and locals alike all seemed to enjoy the music, food, and beverages – and getting in to it was free!

Props to the organizers behind the event.  Hopefully they do this kind of thing more often.