The old Sam’s Club building in La Quinta sold for $5.5 million

Finally, after over 10 years of sitting vacant, the building that once housed a Sam’s Club has a new owner.

The property has been empty for eight years, but the Desert Sun reports it sold to Strategic Acquisitions Inc. for $5.5 million. The company now is going to try to figure out just what the hell to do with it.

“We think there’s an opportunity to redevelop it somewhat,” Strategic Acquisitions CEO Peter Baer told the newspaper. “We’re not sure exactly what that means… whether we keep it as a store or turn it into multiple stores, or redevelop.”

Just a guess here, but turning it into a convention center to house a Snoop Dogg concert probably won’t be on the table – but, man would it be nice to have a big box retailer like IKEA or Fry’s Electronics come to the Coachella Valley. Chances of that are slim, but it’s always nice to dream.

More realistically, the place will probably just end up as a paint store where weed is grown in the back.

Guess we will find out soon.

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