The next Rancho Mirage election is going to be all about In-N-Out Burger


Rancho Mirage, a hamlet that prides itself on being a very quiet place exclusively for old people, is having an election in a couple of months and it appears that the main issue for voters will be, and I swear I am not making this up, Double-Doubles.

Two candidates have stated they are running for city council in the April election (yes, it’s in April and it’s by mail and we have gone over how ridiculous that is) and those candidates each have the same issue at the forefront of their campaign.

Via the Desert Sun:

Stephen R. Jaffe and Maggie Lockridge say the In-N-Out drive-thru approved by the City Council to be built near their homes is the primary reason they are running. They are backed by the Save Rancho Mirage group of residents who oppose the fast-food chain coming to their neighborhood.


The group – with about 75 people on its email list – has questioned a traffic study, which was done during the summer, and the city’s labeling the development a “business in-fill project,” which negates the need for an environmental impact report. A lawsuit was filed against Rancho Mirage and In-N-Out soon after the council approved the project on Oct. 3.

And while an election coming down to an In-N-Out Burger might seem crazy, this is the same city that spurned the CV Link, demands residents hide their weed , and spent millions of dollars on an observatory in a location chock full o’light pollution.

So, yeah, all of those of snowbirds, mailing in their ballots from Canada, might just surprise you this April and vote “Out” rather than “In” – even though the city clearly needs the burger chain more than it needs the city.