The Millennials really want to come to Palm Springs in 2019

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You know those jokes about Palm Springs being mostly God’s waiting room? Well, they’re still pretty true, especially this time of the year – but, these times they are a changin’ as a new report says that Palm Springs is one of the top trending travel destinations for the younger set in 2019.

Hopper, an app that predicts the best time to buy low-priced plane tickets, has analyzed the data entered by its users (the majority of which are millennials) over the first few days of the year and, what do do you know, Palm Springs is one of the 11 most popular travel destinations, notes Refinery 29.

While Palm Springs isn’t the top destination so far in 2019 (that honor goes to Bora Bora), it does show up among a pretty diverse group of destinations that include St. Martin; Aspen; Denpasar, Indonesia; Kahului, Hawaii; Dublin; St. Lucia; Tokyo; and, this is the most surprising, Anchorage – perhaps to cool off after spending a few 100+ degree days at Coachella this April?

Whether or not millennials do choose Palm Springs over Hawaii or Ireland, we will just have to see, but restaurants might want to have the avocado toast ready just in case.

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